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Business Process Improvement

Are you missing something small or something large in your business process? Have you tried many things to change the direction of your business with no noticeable results?

A business process improvement analysis can greatly improve your enterprize.

We structure our analyses upon the Six Sigma framework. Six Sigma is composed of five major steps; Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. You can request the full, five-step arrangement or any combination of the five.

Six Sigma's steps (phases) are further explained below. These steps are incorporated in our business process improvement procedure.

Step 1: Define

This is the first step in Six Sigma. It is very obvious in its name but its not as quick and easy as it sounds. The troubling issue must be specified from all its many angles. We will enter your business, inspect it, then define the issue(s) that are holding up the business process.

Step 2: Measure

The second step is where all aspects of the issue(s) get measured. One item that can be measured here is the current Six Sigma number. A Six Sigma number of six means 3.4 defects per million. This is probably nowhere near where your number is. We can let you know what your current number is, or at least an approximation of it. We will measure your issues allowing you to know the depth of them.

Step 3: Analyze

The Analyze step runs a deeper investigation into your business’s problems while finding the grounds for them. At the end of this step a solution is adopted. Then, in the next step, it is engaged. Don’t confuse this step with our "business process improvement analysis". Our analysis incorporates ‘Step 3: Analyze’ of the Six-Sigma methodology.

Step 4: Improve

This is where the solution from the Analyze step is implemented. Your business adopts and enacts the improvements.

Step 5: Control

Control is a good word here. This is the final step where the improvements are monitored and adjusted. This step is continual and theoretically never ending. A person or a team from your business should be setup to direct this ongoing phase. We will design and initiate it then you will take it over.

Hiring Us For Individual Steps

As the steps rise in their number, from 1 to 5, it becomes more difficult to jump into a higher number without the lower numbers well known to us. For example, we cannot easily perform step 5, Control, without fully knowing and understanding steps 1 through 4. Please consider this as you move forward.

If you are newly considering an improvement to your business process or have been struggling for a while, contact us and turn the corner. Put your business's troubles in the past.